In A Victorian Way, oil on canvas, 24”x18”, 2014

Hanging out with the love ball…

Stuff In Time, oil on canvas, 48”x36”

I am participating in a group exhibit featuring works on paper at the Jeffrey Leder gallery in Brooklyn New York.

Minimal 3, oil on canvas, 24” x 16”

Minimal 2, oil on canvas, 24” x 16”


Rebirth came in the early evening among the grasses and sage at the edge of the forest. The smell of pollen and bees drifted by, a large wingspan casts its’ shadow slowly circling the field, once eclipsing the waning sun. Surely rodents are scurrying for cover or they will end grasped by eager talons. The grasses tall, whisper the voice of a breeze sweeping their golden tops, some already burdened with seeds to fall and sprout. Shadows cool and dark play tricks amongst the trees of the forest ahead. Light flickers then recedes, trunks shades of brown then blue falling to a new darkness, the green of their tops wave silver greetings. Strange streams of sun beam deeper in those beckoning woods. Innocent chirps play an evening song…

Linear 1, oil on canvas, 18” x 14”